As a manager, you know that working with people can often be demanding, complex, and requires a lot of time and energy.

But when you manage to find the right way of working, good results and business success are guaranteed.

How to successfully work with people on your team, so they understand you and carry out the planned and necessary activities?

Who is more susceptible to stress and may experience burnout at work, and how to reconcile team members and prevent destructive conflicts?

How suitable are they for the job they perform, what motivates them, and what demotivates them for work?

Who will come up with good ideas, who is best suited to implement them, and who has excellent analytical thinking about those ideas and how to implement them?

In which situations do managers use INSPIRE reports?

Delegate tasks so that employees complete them on time and in the way you envisioned

Have you ever agreed with a team member on certain activities and then what they did was incomplete or different from what you agreed on? Delegating is a skill and knowledge of how to delegate tasks to different types of people comes from understanding their personalities.

How can I ensure that my employees respect company rules and procedures?

Respect for rules and procedures does not only depend on their necessity and justification. It depends even more on the person who is supposed to implement them. Some people think in procedures, while others find this approach limiting. When you add to this the fact that people who follow procedures have a hard time formulating and writing them, and that those who do not follow them do a better job, how important do you think it is to determine who is inclined towards procedures and who is not?

Give feedback in an effective way

You already know that for feedback to have an effect, the person receiving it must first hear it, then understand it, and finally accept what you say. INSPIRE will tell you which words to use to increase understanding and acceptance, and to help the person remember what you communicated.

How to form teams for a task or project?

Assembling a team is like a puzzle. If some part doesn’t fit, then it will be a weak spot in the puzzle or the team. As in sports, not everyone can do everything in business. It is important to know who can fit with whom, what one person’s strengths and weaknesses are. Poorly assembled teams are often dysfunctional, and the burden falls on a smaller number of team members who do most of the work.

How can I better motivate my employees?

Motivation is an internal state. External influences on a person to do what we have envisioned can only be attempted through stimuli (material and immaterial). Each person has a system by which they unconsciously evaluate what they like, what motivates and inspires them. When you recognize this, you have access to the way to ensure that there is a happy, engaged, and productive person in your team.

Testing and Results

Reports that we create and use for improvements within teams


  • Top qualities and competencies for Agile processes in individuals
  • Solutions on how to implement Agile transformation with existing personnel
  • Matching the right roles to individuals in Scrum


  • How to create ideal communication for Agile processes
  • How engineers can become excellent communicators
  • How to overcome obstacles in Agile organizations through communication


  • Assessing who is fit for leadership or management
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in a person’s leadership
  • Formula for the quickest path to developing managers and leaders


  • Determining a person’s capability for the creative process of generating ideas
  • Guidance on how to divide teams to double their creativity
  • Instructions on how to create the best creative process for generating ideas


  • Who is more predisposed to quality remote work
  • What is important for effective remote work
  • How to manage remotely with the same impact and effectiveness


  • How to achieve team synergy and happiness
  • What bothers you in team work
  • What inspires you the most


  • Identifying your communication skills
  • What communication will engage you
  • What is a bad approach in communication towards you


We create for you a practical experience in the form of a personal deep-dive report, from which you can find out, among other things:

  • whether the person has the top 7 management skills
  • how to best motivate the person
  • what demotivates the person the most
  • recommendations for working, development, communication and management of the person


Team report with a parallel review of:

  • team strengths and weaknesses
  • ndividuals’ fit within the team
  • recommendations on how to capitalize on strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Why is INSPIRE successful?

The best teams are not the most talented, but the ones with the best aligned individuals who complement each other and whom you know how to motivate to high engagement.

Through INSPIRE testing, you discover how to remove obstacles in collaboration so that each team member has space to showcase their strengths, contributing to excellent results and achieving goals.

Based on the created INSPIRE reports, you receive clear instructions on how to assemble a team that will be motivated, efficient, and compatible with the job requirements.

Managers who use INSPIRE reports to match teams reduce their operational workload, creating space for their further development.

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