How can each person realize their full potential and achieve the best results?

If you use a competency model for each position as an overview of the competencies needed to perform a job, would it be useful for you to discover the competencies possessed by the person for whom your model is intended?

How useful is it to know which competencies are easily and naturally developed, and which are not natural and difficult to develop in a particular person?

When you certify as an Inspire Expert, you assess and recognize motivators and demotivators, competencies, and the potential of individuals to develop their managerial abilities. You learn to provide accurate and effective recommendations on how to use the results for leadership, collaboration, communication, development, and motivational systems.

You know what motivates people and drives them to action, which is why they will be engaged in their work regardless of difficulties and external circumstances.

You discover how to achieve the realization of each person’s capacity.

assess and recognize current competencies and the potential of individuals to develop new competencies

give instructions and recommendations on how to use your internal capacities and be a successful manager and team leader

how to motivates people and moves them to action, which is why they will be engaged in work regardless of difficulties and external circumstances

discover how to achieve the realization of each person's capacity


The results provide guidance for the following areas:

Best development approach

You will receive a formula for an approach that creates engaged and motivated individuals.

Assessment of management potential

You will learn whether a person has the potential to be a leader or needs to progress in another way.

Communication without obstacles and misunderstandings

Guidelines and instructions for the type of communication that drives motivation and ensures that your words are understood and accepted.

Quality integration of new team members

You will have defined guidelines for how to effectively and quickly integrate a new person into the team.

Prevention and resolution of conflicts

You will have a code that resolves conflicts in the team and provides directions for avoiding conflicts.

Attract new people to your team

Present and lead interviews in a way that will attract the right people to your team.

How can you become a certified Inspire expert?

By attending 2 modules in 4 days of direct training and supervision Working on a database of 2,500 case studies Learning about 7 types of reports used in corporate training Supervision and monitoring of your independent work in practice For information on certification, you can contact us…

Why are you successful with the INSPIRE approach?

The prerequisite for positively influencing others is to first have a positive impact on yourself.

INSPIRE helps you discover the causes (source) and reasons for your behavior, your abilities, potentials, and internal motivators.

By knowing your own internal motivators and effective work methods, you can better understand others and communicate with them in an appropriate way.

When you learn to recognize the causes of behavior for each person in your environment with Inspire, then you will influence positive consequences, motivate them and also utilize the potential of each person in their further personal and professional development.

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